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Gron Digital Gambling & Betting on the Blockchain

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The Gron Digital Platform is one of a kind within the sector. The founders of the project are experienced industry players with solid knowledge and a ready product offering. We are not in MVP stage. Many other Gambling related projects on the Blockchain and ICO's are done for the wrong reasons. Our value proposition is to protect the consumers and maximise the profit of the Gambling and Betting industry players. We engage with Regulators and Legal Advisors. We use reputable Auditors to control public funds.
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About Gron Digital

The global Gaming and Betting industry has been around for years and owing to its attractiveness and growing demand, will most probably be around for many more. Gaming and Betting is undeniably confronted with fundamental issues, affecting the industry negatively. The issue of trust stands at the forefront, as it affects all aspects of the industry from fair gaming, to reputable operators, to the systems that hold customers’ deposits and manage their winnings. Without trust people are hesitant to transact with current mechanisms, which are based on a model of human intervention that make room for fraud and dishonesty. Imagine a world where the Gaming and Betting economy is built on the Blockchain and is run by Smart Contracts. Gron Digital offers exactly that – a platform that brings the inherent benefits of trust, transparency and certainty to our economy, presenting players with an open and fair alternative to the norm.

At present, individuals and technology in the industry, have lacked the ability to solve various challenges the domain is regularly confronted with - particularly, the issue of trust and cost. Thus, parties in the industry rely on authoritative bodies and regulation to instil the trust, while costs incurred remain high for all parties. In order to overcome these concerns, Gron Digital has created a platform which caters for all role players, where they can harmoniously co-exist and share the revenues.

Gron Digital strives to realign the global Gaming and Betting market through reliable and autonomous transactions on the Blockchain. This platform will generate an economy among users, which is catered for everyone by allowing broad-based participation in the following roles: Game and Application Developers, Bankroll & Risk Backers, Service Providers, Operators, Gaming Laboratories and Certifying Authorities, Regulators and Players. Gron Digital guarantees its participants an ecosystem which is secure, transparent, autonomous, auditable and fair, as transactions are administered by cryptographically verifiable code without human intervention. The combined knowledge of our founders’ experience, as well as the existing systems they bring to the platform, assures the product’s shorter time-to-market and adaptation to the Blockchain. Gron Digital has developed tools and a framework allowing easy application development. This constructor will have modules spanning across all the services and processes which are required to run a Gaming and Betting operation. Additionally, Gron Digital provides a pool of casino, sports and lottery modules to kick-start the creation of custom applications. The GRO is our utility token that will be used on the Platform. The utility token acts as: a Gaming and Betting currency, as a reward, a form of payment and incentive which powers the Gron Digital economy. Maximum 950 000 000 (Nine Hundred and Fifty million) GRO utility tokens will be issued during the ICO. Of these tokens, 60%, which is 570 000 000 (Five Hundred and Seventy million) tokens, will be offered for public participation over 4 rounds, with each round lasting for up to 14 days. After all 4 rounds, the Gron Digital ICO will close.

Gron Digital creates a Platform which merges and connects various parties within this lucrative industry in order to ensure continuous growth and prosperity for all. The value proposition, offered to the industry through our utility tokens and Protocol, provides the industry with an all-encompassing solution to various issues faced by operators, players, developers and regulators today. The future of online Gaming and Betting has never looked so extraordinary and exciting.


Walter Staffetius

Tebogo Makamo


Dmitry Oberzhitsky


Alex Braude


Peter Frangiskakis

Business Development

Irina Semyonova

Project Manager

Sergey Kim

Customer Relationship Manager

Artur Timoshin

System Architect

Louis Pires

Software Engineer

Vladimir Dotsenko

UX/UI Game and Sports betting designer

Eugene Shumnyi

Senior Software Engineer

Alex Dede

Software Engineer

Eugene Ruban

Software Engineer

Nick Korzun

Software Engineer

Wendy Case

Head of Marketing

Sean O'Reilly

Software Engineer


André Wilsenach

Lucien Wijsman

Alpheus Matsebula

Road map


Server Based Casino Games Platform was Launched in the South American land-based market. 158 Video Slots & 12 Table Games


Gambling Manufacturer's License was issued by Western Cape Gambling and Racing Board
Sports Betting License was issued by Western Cape Gambling and Racing Board
Betfinity Wagering Record System was certified by BMM Gaming Testlab
The Letter of Compliance was issued by the SA Gaming Authorities
Betting and Lotto Platform was Launched


Blockchain and Smart Contracts were identified as most suitable and logical approach in Gambling and Betting
R&D Blockchain application in gaming
Sports Betting and Lotto prototypes were developed


The decision to ICO was taken. Preparation for ICO
Consulting with advisors and legal team


pre-ICO starts 9 January 2018
ICO starts 23 January 2018
Listing GRO on Major Exchanges
Development of Gron Digital Platform


Implementation of existing Sports Betting Application on Gron Digital Platform, where GRO is the utility token
MVP of mobile and desktop Sports Betting Applications
Application for Regulators to access and audit gaming transactions. Provide mechanism for issuing and verification of Licenses
Results Providers Integration
Referrals and Affiliates Program


MVP of mobile and desktop Game of Skills
MVP of mobile and desktop Lottery Application


Desktop Casino Application. 20+ Video Slots, 4 Video Pokers, Roulette, Black Jack, Texas Hold'em, Baccarat


Sports & Horse Racing Pari-mutuel Betting Application


Protocol and Framework for developers released


Token info

Token price
750 DMarket = 1 ETH

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Min. investment
0.1 ETH
485.00000000 BTC
26,935.00000000 ETH

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