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You want to list information about your ICO?

Choose the plan and fill in the form.

You can choose one of existing plans for listing the information about your ICO:

  1. Basic - we list the information about your ICO on our rating https://tokenoid.io. For listing you have to send 200 ZONTO tokens on our Ethereum wallet. You can purchase ZONTO tokens on yobit.io exchange (https://yobit.io/ru/trade/ZONTO/BTC)
  2. Premium - has number of additional advantages:
    • Queue jumping of listing
    • Information about ICO will be placed on top of the rating
    • A post about your project will be published on all ZONTO media resources (Telegram, Twitter, Facebook, zonto.world)
    • Information about ICO will be marked with “PREMIUM” status and will be viewed in the additional blocks on the other pages of our rating
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